About Us

Our Church

We are a small, family centered church located in New Kensington, PA. It was started by our Pastor, Rev William D. Laird Jr, and his wife, Rev. Robin H. Laird in April 2003.

The way our church began is a great example of God’s mighty provision! Pastor Laird first found this building in a dilapidated state while he was looking for a building to start a church in. It was built from 1932-1939 and had formerly been, “St. Peter & St. Paul Polish National Catholic Church.” For reasons unknown, the building became empty and fell into disrepair. However, Pastor Laird saw potential in the building and sought to purchase it. Unfortunately, the Lairds did not have enough finances for the down payment. Pastor Laird sought God and promised that if the money was provided, he would walk through this door of opportunity in faith. Miraculously, the amount required was given to Sis Laird by a co-worker! The closing costs came from their friend’s and family’s donations.

Since then, the Lairds have worked tirelessly with the congregation to update and remodel our church into the beautiful building it is today. They have taught countless Bible studies and preached many messages. They minister to whoever comes through our doors. The Lairds have a great burden for the lost. They strongly believe in teaching others the plan of salvation, making sure they are prepared for the return of the Lord. Their goal is to reach as many souls in New Kensington, and the surrounding areas, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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